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Svetlana Orinko:
Lace Cardigan
Iceland Poppies
"Kowhai" PRINT Water Colour
"Akaroa Wharf" Oil Original
"Apples" Water Colour Original
"Felicity Fair" Water Colour Original

Svetlana began her journey as an artist at a very young age having inherited artistic abilities from her father. She was born and in Ukraine where from the age of 12, studied for 10 years an Old Masters art education programme. In 1992 Svetlana immigrated to New Zealand where her reputation as one of the country's top watercolour artists has grown. 

Her chosen mediums are oil and watercolour, and her style is best described as Contemporary Realism. Her traditional art school background taught her that the real skill comes from: “Say
what you want to say with minimum brushstrokes”. Svetlana sees beauty in the simple things and is attracted to any subject matter that contains a strong abstract pattern. She believes there is a poetry in simplicity and likes to transform her chosen subject into a visual poetic language.

Svetlana has won numerous Art Awards and has been featured in many publications and the television programme “Put Some Colour in Your Life”. 

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