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Michelle Green:
Michelle Green
Freedom Acrylic Framed
Overflowing With Memories Acrylic Framed
Coast Acrylic On Canvas Framed
Country Road Oil Framed
The Elements Mixed Media Framed
Red Memories Oil Framed
The Big Adventure Acrylic On Canvas

Michelle is a self-taught artist, working mainly with acrylic paints on stretched canvas.

She became serious about painting when she was living in Reefton (Broadway Gallery), on the west coast of New Zealand.


Her inspiration comes from the wild and rugged weather of mood and mystery in fog and drama played out by the west coast weather. Michelle was so stirred by this she began her misty trees.


Michelle is also inspired by the grandeur of our mountains and lakes. When she moved back to Canterbury she became involved with Expiz’Art gallery in Rolleston where she began teaching adult art lessons.


She enjoys inspiring and encouraging her students watching them improve in technique and ability, inspires her.


She feels everybody can paint and there is no wrong. It’s all about technique relaxing and enjoying the experience.

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