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Jil Cowan
Jill Cowan1
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Super Savvy Mixed Media Resin
May I Have This Dance Mixed Media Resin

Since the age of five I have covered my school books with wallpaper or anything I could cut up and stick on, this is where my love of paper began.

My work is described as collage/Mixed Media. I like to manipulate the background papers so they have a new story to tell. My belief is to 'use what is available', nothing is unusable!

Flowers/nature are a relevant element to my works of late as with the destruction and chaos of the past few Year, nature carries on and so must life.

These are my own photographs that I taken whilst out walking, I then process them through a computer programme, have them printed out and then hand cut each out.

Once cut, I place them on top of the collaged backgrounds and later pour a coat of resin.


Sealed and protected for a new journey.

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