Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914

Farina Hradetzky:

Farina Hradetzky is a self-taught Christchurch based artist who was born in Germany. She moved to Australia as a teenager where she lived for thirteen years before relocating to New Zealand in 2015.
In her early adult life Farina studied Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Floristry with a dream to one day have her own creative business. However,life lead her onto a different career path ranging from Logistics, Property Development, Hospitality and Truck Sales. In recent years and as a result of
overcoming grief for a parent and personal challenges, art became her love again.

Farina describes her art as an emotional outlet inspired by happy childhood memories, themes of nature and her sometimes wild and dreamy imagination. Her style can be naive and childlike, often featuring birds and usually filled with vibrant colours, textures and shapes. She creates from the heart with
passion and a sense of adventure.


Artworks of Henri Rousseau and Vincent van Gogh are some of her favourites and sometimes reflect in her own style. Her main medium is acrylics on canvas. But she also enjoys pottery and working with permanent markers, water colours and coloured fine liners.


When she's not working full-time or creating art, Farina loves to travel, exercise
and experience nature.