David Brandon

According to David, sometimes one can be a little slow in finding one's passion in life. For him it was when he had been retired for some time and decided he would make a Rocking Horse.

Although at school he had not had much interest in woodwork in later life he enjoyed working with wood and when he started making the horses it just seemed to be right. David now enjoys making things that rock i.e. Rocking Horses, Rocking Chairs and Wood Carving.

His Horses come in three sizes from small, suitable for toddlers, medium up to about 10-year olds and the large which can be ridden by adults.

All horses are made from the best hardwood timbers and can be painted or varnished to their natural state. They all have real horsehair manes and tails and leather saddles and bridles. All stirrups and buckles are bronze plated steel.


David is available for commissions for Horses and Rocking Chairs.


Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914