Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914

Claire Bywater:

I was brought up in South Devon, England and after two careers, two children and a move to New Zealand in 1994; I'm a late starter to being a full-time painter.

Advice to a new writer is often "write about what you know". As a teach of drawing to architecture and interior design students. I started in my familiar territory. I love architectural details, reflections, textures and colours As a curious person, I like peering into windows or imagining what might be there. Living in Nelson now has me falling in love with the hills and skies - so expect more landscapes in the future.

I am excited to share some paintings with you here in Tait Gallery. If buying original paintings is not in your current budget, ask about cards and prints at more affordable prices. All my artworks are scanned to produce the highest quality giclee prints with perfectly matched colours.

You can contact me via email at