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Martin Letham:
Lake Heron Station Oil Framed
Mt Peel & Little Mt Peel Oil Framed
Wilberforce Near Glenthorne Oil Framed
Winter, Late Afternoon Mt Somers Oil Framed

Martin Letham is a New Zealand Artist who specializes in oil painting. Martin has been painting for over 20 years and is particularly drawn to the New Zealand landscape, especially the atmospheric mood and effect of mountains and rivers.

His exposure to the ever-changing colours and atmospheric effects of nature from growing up in rural Canterbury New Zealand in full view of the magnificent Southern Alps ignited a deep seated interest in artistic expression. This grew into a passion in the visual arts and an interest in the differing styles and techniques used by historic and current artists.

Recently Martin has begun to work in an En Plein Air Style (painting outdoors on location) and is enjoying this new process of artistic expression.

Martins paintings bring personal and treasured moments of New Zealand into his customers hearts and homes. 

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