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David Arkenstone Barnett:

David Arkenstone Barnett is a photographer/painter and resides in the town of Kaiapoi, just north of Christchurch. Originally from England and having been a photographer for many years David is a relative new comer to the art world with his works being fundamentally based on his metaphysical beliefs and experiences gained from his travels and research around the world. 


Predominantly known in NZ for his work in Ufology (the research of UFO's which came about over 30 years ago whilst serving in the navy when the ship he served on had a close encounter with a USO Unidentified Submerged Object in the pacific), David's direction in life has been one of self discovery and this shows in the contrasting range of his art work which can at times be incredibly abstract, energetic and full of powerful emotion, and at other times minimalistic, gentle and full of reflection. 


For many years now David has been working on the subject of Atlantis and has come up with a profoundly new hypothesis on this legendary civilization which incredibly includes New Zealand. David now lectures and has many talks on the subject of Atlantis, and this is reflected within his new range of paintings simply known as the 'Atlantis Rising' series.