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Debbie Garland:
Floral Fest
Quilted Land

Debbie Garland is an accomplished artist who lives in Christchurch working from her home office, situated in her garden. This allows bird song and the feeling of nature to inspire her overall outcome. Shape, texture and form may develop from her surroundings. Picked grasses and leaves may become the basis of a print or stamp. Found objects are sometimes used instead of a traditional brush. Due to living in a busy city the variety of birds isn’t outstanding but a recent trip to the Caitlins gave Debbie a close up look at Tui, Kereru and Pee waka waka which feature in her art past and present.

This latest series “Butterfly Kisses” came about during the Covid lockdown in 2020. Hard to believe something good arose from a pandemic but due to a shortage of resin in New Zealand, Debbie put her mind to creating a way to ‘get the shine’ so to speak. Being involved in teaching that immerses her in a variety of technology fields has given her some experience and prior knowledge to approach acrylic / Perspex as a medium. Previously having worked many years in the printing business as a photolithographer means she is also white adept with a scalpel. Putting the two together she came up with her next artistic venture.

After designing an aesthetically pleasing form and one that meant something to her, she commenced creating what she does best; with the butterfly kiss shape being the consistent element of the series. Its quite ironic as Perspex has been used widely to keep people safe and protected due to the virus. Always conscious of her environment, the supplier ensures Debbie that all cuts are used to their full potential to avoid wastage.

There are three sizes in the series to choose from allowing versatility in their placement. The making and sharing of art is something that brings Debbie great joy.

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