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Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker

I am a part time artist and teach several art groups as I love to see others become passionate about painting, too. At present I live in North Canterbury and since retiring from being a Special Needs Teacher in a school, much of my time is spend developing gardens and raising a few sheep.

I started painting 30 years ago when I lived in Karikoura and started in water-colours then tried oils, encouraged by the delightful Kaikoura Art Group. Later I discovered Folk Art and loved the acrylics and mixed media and started using these paints on canvas, not just wood. I have returned to oil paints but with different techniques to the way I previously used them and have also been experimenting with different acrylic liquid pouring mediums.

Living for many years in the MacKenzie Country, Southland and Marlborough I became inspired with the beauty of the mountains, lakes and sea and these reature in many of the paintings. Some of my art works display more usual landscapes but I have dabbled with more modern design and differing media. Recently I have been painting people, birds and animals and experimenting with acrylic pouring medium techniques.

Over the years I have sold many paintings through exhibitions and galleries, both in Canterbury and Marlborough.


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