Diana Peel:
hibiscus breeze

As long as Diana can remember she always drew something ... as a child she was not able to paint the colouring book exactly in the outline , not enough patience. Always wanted to go beyond that and to draw something else. 

Having built a successful career as an interior designer and having worked for 12 years in design, Diana moved to New Zealand, where she started her new creative stage.

Since moving to New Zealand she was in love with the nature of this beautiful country. Especially with flowers of all kinds and shapes which became her main inspiration. She hadn't painted since university, but this time couldn't stop. She had this desire to create and explore something hands on and felt like she had to get it out of her system. Diana began obsessively painting and painting, trying to teach herself something new and craving the creativity that comes with that.


She is now an established New Zealand artist and tutor. Diana is very happy she took that risk and moved her life in an unknown direction. She has always believed if you are truly passionate about something and have no fear, you will definitely succeed.

Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914