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Peter Geen:
New Zealand
A Walk to Remember
Adelaide Tarn
Pororari River
On the Wings of a Seagull
Down by the River
The Lay Of The Land

Peter Geen was born in Nelson, NZ and has been a passionate recreational painter since his school days. Peter describes himself as a ‘self-​taught painter who has experienced the influence and​ mentoring from a number of acclaimed New Zealand Artists’. ​His​ art teacher at Nelson College, the​ late Ian Scott, a well respected New Zealand artist, ​once commented that “Peter has a flaw​less sense of tonal values”.

Peter has painted part time​ since the 1970's but became a full time painter ​after his three children left home. I​n 2003, Peter and his wife Kerry, designed and built EarthSea Gallery​.

In the early 2000s ​Peter’s work​ changed markedly when he moved from oils to acrylic paint.​ This gave him the opportunity to refine his work and put the detail of the landscape into the paintings​ that is not often seen these days.​

Peter's paintings are often described as 3-dimensional and consequently he is known as 'the master of detail and light'. This detailed style of painting is very time consuming with many hours of studio-​based work going into each painting. He works with the finest Indian cotton canvas on cedar stretches and the best professional artist-​quality acrylic paint. 

Peter Geen​ has exhibited in Australia and New Zealand and his paintings have been purchased by private collectors throughout NZ,​USA, Europe, Australia and ​Asia. 

Despite selling hundreds of artworks over the past 40​ years, Peter is still very honoured when someone purchases one of his paintings.

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