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Sue Lund:

Sue paints and works full-time in Levin.

She received a BFA at the National Art School in Sydney in 2000. She is well known for her work painting The Learning Connexion’s campus buildings in Taita between 2006 and 2014. In 2003 she also hosted a master class in formless at The Learning Connexion’s campus in Wellington.

Paint and Sue work together layering colour on many different surfaces from The Learning Connexions Campus buildings to mannequins, objects and various types of wood and canvas.

Depending on what the paint diary entails is what is approached and coloured, Sue enjoys painting local scenes with journeys she takes, and when the time is right she tackles the abstract … with all the styles, she works with the unknown, and becomes acquainted before moving to the next piece.

She is especially interested in experimenting with the texture of the brush, the paints pigment and it’s fluidity.



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