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Anne Dillon:
Anne Dillon - Wild World Acrylic On Canvas
Tikao Bay Cotton Ltd Ed Framed

Anne Dillon was born in Christchurch and has lived there all her life. Although her grandfather was a painter, Anne’s passion for art didn’t emerge until after the earthquakes in 2011. At the time she was working for New Zealand Police, and a combination of a fairly intense work environment, shift work, and the battle to keep her home eventually forced her to make a life-changing decision – her health or her career. Health won out and she decided to take up painting as part of the healing process, and she now says she cannot imagine life without a brush in her hand.

Her work has been shown in a number of exhibitions both locally and internationally, including Los Angeles and, more recently,  at Saatchi Gallery in London where it is being shown on the second floor screen. She was the only female to feature in the Museum of Digital Fine Arts’ Summer Show, an international exhibition showcasing eight artists from around the globe.

Anne’s work is diverse and encompasses all mediums, including digital work. The question she always asks herself is, “What happens if…” and it’s this exploratory question that has resulted in a wide array of interesting and unique work.

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