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Paul Smith:
Rewind Mixed Media Collage On Canvas
Diminish Mixed Media Collage On Canvas
Fragments #38 PRINT
Fragments #37 PRINT
Fragments #36 PRINT
Fragments #35 PRINT
Fragments #34 PRINT
Fragments #33 PRINT
Fragment Series 2 Mixed Media On Canvas
Fragment Series 1 Mixed Media On Canvas

Born in Liverpool 1947 Paul attended secondary school in London where although he enjoyed art, he did not pursue it as a career. Instead, he swapped small brushes for large brushes and became a qualified decorator.


 After emigrating to New Zealand in 1973 his interest in art began again.  What started off as a hobby  became much more. He is now painting on a part-time basis.

Water colour was the first medium he tried, the New Zealand landscape offering plenty of inspiration. Although he enjoyed moderate success in this area, he needed a new challenge.  Acrylic and mixed media offered many challenges and has led him to his interest in contemporary environmental artwork.


 His main focus is now abstract, incorporating collage and impasto.  The use of transparent and opaque colours pushes him beyond the boundaries and into new directions.  Spatial and chromatic elements with transparent and opaque passages, adding and subtracting colour, texture and line.  Boldness and depth, sometimes subtle, other times strong. He has exhibited in galleries and group exhibitions throughout the South Island and more recently in Wellington.

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