Zoe Wiseman:
Gingo Sun
Passage of light
Golden Light

Graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning, Zoe has established herself as an artist and private art tutor within Canterbury.

While being a mother of three, in a very busy household, Zoe has created works for local exhibitions and galleries as well as commission pieces and has enjoyed recently creating works for solo exhibitions. 

The overall theme connecting Zoe's art is a love of natural, organic forms such as leaves, flowers and birds, which appeal aesthetically for their contour, shape and design quality. She enjoys these fluid forms against the geometric shapes and hard lines of surrounding architecture. 

Zoe is drawn to colour and the effect of light, using mixed media to create luminous layers of colour and textured patterning, giving the impression of light filtering through natural forms. She enjoys creating a sense of mystery and depth by extending lines and curves out to create a faceted effect, disguising the subject matter within the overall pattern. This dynamic interplay between the foreground and background creates a fluidity; a sense of coming and going of nature moving forward and backward within the solid areas of colour. 

Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914

Passage of light

Mixed media on canvas $425