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Chris Van Rensburg

Chris Van Rensburg was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, which is where his passion for the outdoors and wildlife comes from. He studied art at school, but only really discovered his talents after he inherited his grans paints and pastels and decided to paint a lioness one day. "Every picture has a has a pafi of 
gran in it". 


Whilst he tries to capture the finest detail, his goal is to capture the subject matters soul, the nervous energy before the hunt, the adrenaline during the hunt or simply the satisfaction of resting after a busy day or night in many cases. 

His wildlife pictures are not only limited to the African big 5, they also now include birds. Capturing his subject matter often comes with its own set of challenges, he's come face to face with a white rhino, accidentally wondered into a herd of giraffes, but the most exciting was being charged by a leopard and living to tell the tale. 

Chris also does commissioned portraits and has been honoured by many parents who have allowed 
him to paint their precious children who have been taken too young. Of all his work, these are the most difficult and emotionally draining, but the look on the parents face when he presents them with the final piece is most satisfying part of what he does. 

Chris's favourite medium is pastels and as large as possible. 

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