Alethea Tse-Roche:
Alethea Tse Roche - PRINT #189 Arrowtown
"Keep Warm" Oil On Canvas #213 Framed
"Enjoying Freedom" Oil On Canvas #207 Framed
"Or World" Oil on Canvas #205 Framed
"Kimble On The Way To Fairlie" Oil On Canvas # 238 Framed
"Back To Nature" Oil On Canvas Unframed
"Up the Garden Path" PRINT #191 Framed

Alethea’s teachers at school encouraged her love of painting, which began at a young age.


She went on to attend group lessons from professional artists in Hong Kong, Christchurch and Auckland.


Alethea won awards for her water-colour and oil paintings.


Having worked in the airline & travel industry for many years she has had the privilege of extensive overseas travel, capturing many images of the vibrancy of nature, which she has a passion to share with others, through the medium of paint.


Her style is vibrant and cheerful, combining the lustre of oil with the technique of water-colour. 

Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914