Clarence Lane. 34 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs 027 432 5914

Alan Pirie:

Alan has been described as a prolific artist who is self-taught and works in a variety of styles and mediums. He likes to use his intuition when painting rather than emulate the style of others.

After leaving school Alan worked in both graphite and water colours working in realism and surrealism and made his first commissioned sale in the late 1970’s for a Spanish home.

During the 80’s much of Alan’s work was of landscapes and aircraft. It was at this stage that he introduced oils into his works. This attracted many commissions.

He moved to New Zealand in 1994 having lived in the UK and Germany.

In the mid 1990’s Alan began to work with pastels (oil and chalk) and were of landscapes and nudes, exhibiting them in the Christchurch Arts Centre.

In 1999, inspired by the vibrant colours of New Zealand he returned to painting in oils.
A new direction was found and he began painting in his own surrealist/abstract style some of which were spiritually motivated.

Currently Alan works on Commissions enjoying painting contemporary works in oils as well as fine graphite works.